© Pendle Forest History Group 2017 webfactorynw.co.uk The PFHG Landscape Survey Project originated following discussions with Martin Charlesworth of the  Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (FOB AONB), which then secured funding from  the National Lottery Heritage Fund to undertake the Landscape Stories project. The activities of PFHG  became part of this greater project.  The PFHG project involved a detailed investigation of the history, events and change of land use in our  immediate area and to this end it was necessary to learn the techniques, approaches and methodology  used for interpreting the landscape. The funding from FOB AONB allowed for the purchase of  professional services that were provided by Jamie Quartermaine of Oxford Archaeology North (OAN).  Jamie confirmed how little documented history there was of the Pendle Forest area and how relatively  easy it would be to identify sites on the upland areas compared with those in the lowlands.   The project commenced in 2009 with a visit to the Lancashire Archive in Preston to research  existing  documentation and to undertake a map regression exercise. The Pendle Water Valley became the main  focus for further investigation and a programme of field work, observation, interpretation and site  recording followed. The data from these investigations was collated into a report during 2011 which was  subsequently made available to the Historic Environment Record (HER) at Lancashire County Council.  Pendle Forest History Group  Study Project.